Show Your Support - San Gabriel Valley Coalition for a Secure Water Supply

Dear Directors,

I am concerned about our water rates and the supply of clean, reliable water for my area.

I know that California is entering a second year of drought and facing yet another water crisis. The Federal government has declared a drought emergency in the state and the California Department of Water Resources has announced initial water allocations from the Delta will be five percent of normal. All of these factors lead to a decrease in water supply and an increase in cost.

These are tough economic times and I urge the board to support our communities’ water security by ensuring we have access to a sustainable supply of clean, and reliable water.

I have heard that the Three Valleys Board is considering ending a study which would assess the availability of water for more than 20,000 local residents. I urge you to continue with this study and rely on science rather than special interests when determining the water resources available to our district.

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